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“Nutritional Medicine in Concussion Management” is one of the lessons that can be found in the second course (102 Advanced Nutritional Medicine – Nutritional Medicine in Neurology) of six courses that comprise the ROHP program. In this 22-minute educational segment, Dr. James Meschino explains how best to repair the brain cell membrane in concussion and post-concussion syndrome patients. In a concussion, the nerve cell membrane gets disrupted allowing increased efflux of L-glutamate, which is toxic to brain cells in high concentrations, increased influx of sodium and calcium, which cause swelling and vasoconstriction, increased efflux of magnesium, which hinders cellular energy production and repair. Repairing the nerve cell membrane is a key factor in preventing long-term brain damage and sustained memory loss and loss of concentration ability.  All of the ROHP-Qualifying course lessons are approximately 20 to 30 minutes long and can be viewed on any device at your leisure. Course Notes supporting the lesson can be downloaded,
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